niklas adam b. 1986•
                born in the danish countryside, currently residing in Oslo.
                works with electronics, objects, sculpture, programming, performance, installation and music.
                contact: adam [ a t ] oddodd [ d o t ] org
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                                         BIN 00-33/33/!
                    It often seems not as heavy to spread light particles around yeah compared to staring into a dark hole and yeah putting a big wooden box in yeah it also like park next to it it's like the digger that you just used to like dig it up yeah and of course it was like pissing with rain as well like of course black umbrellas black umbrellas black long coats stereotypical funeral yeah is this real? But it was the first you attended? Real it was the first burial I'd attended my other relatives that'd died got cremated mm but I I heard that it's I dont know what it's called hitting on in in the US like inspired by Hirst's work with the with all the formaldehyde yeah all the animals yeah stuff like that so you can they they put your body in some kind of chemic chemical preservatives yeah and then put it in a little plast box everything becomes a gelé in a way so yeah yeah also the bones and everything so you can slice real thin slices like all the way through wow so everyone in the family can you know you get this like piece of plastic with a slice and it's vacuum packed and it's sealed and it's okay and it's it's soft and you can hang it up on your wall so you know every everyone in the family can have a slice of grandma for example what the fuck? It's a bit like yeah you know suddenly this for example this Damien Hirsty thing and then suddenly it becomes something else yeah you also have this artist with the drones with the dead cats the what? Like putting dematoxi what is it called? Dematoxi you know dead animals that you demotoxic? Or what is it called?
                    You know what I mean? Nej 
    I dont know what demotoxic is
    udstoppet udstoppet
    when you take a dead animal and you do this thing where it's like yeah like in the oh taxidermy taxidermy yeah yeah yeah so taxidermy cat on a drone so you have this flying drone cat and it was an art project but now kids in the US they get these things made from taxidermies so it's a new market so you you know you I want my pet Alfred on a drone mom and then they get it so you can order a squirrel and you can order different animals and get it on the drone and things that things that yeah it's interesting what where is this music hall? 
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                    hidden tasks for future uses
                    traversal spatial binding structures constructed from alghorithmic story emulations
                    during the last meeting
                    on a language trip to a museum from 1891 located the place where happy decorated desserts is placed and fixed and found out how it all should compare with the ethical all history something that can be ignored and it was nevertheless so short and heavy from ventilation and wool conversations from definitions not satisfy the needs of cake and requirements of 
    being a talkative system
    that also pay tribute to the novel a little murder in the city from the time of the
    national border
                    was reproduced with a very wide range and their own winner making them very special in tourism it has been a particularly exciting challenge what we may today call ___ and really I
                    it was transported further north in the country while it was mainly something that has been going on since the 16th century - somewhat Unstable non-systemic phenomena though often destroyed during the crossing, entities could add cleaning spirits to it Stay better and get developed faster by some of the most Noble woman today I can get dessert with happily in a row along the river ___ The houses have biological trades similar to those of the name Sophie Taylor Craft one of the actual shows from 865 founded by young ___ who built their own provincial house in variable miljeau unstable and within Social phenomena showing lots of comforting stability, not credible to predict.
                    headbands for the institutions United facade 91 and a bus with jacuzi bathrooms Take me to the custom today Kent hours the sour candy
                    Hello custom blinds
                    possibly as a score or just detrimental wishful thinking

                    self-sustaining electronic sculptures, filling time with weak movements and impulsive occurrences. The material forms a sceleton which is animated by electricity, passed onto and running through the mechanical parts it consists of. The patterns in regard to sound and movement are effectuated by those who see and listen; it is simultaneously patient and indecisive.
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